When models in runways display an array of the latest and most chique fashion, we ask who is the designer? From time to time, we also remember to ask, "who made my clothes?" But an equally important question that begs to be asked is... "who grew my clothes?"

More and more people are embracing a flourishing movement in the fashion industry called "Farm-to-Closet" which is a slight modification of "Farm-to-Table", a widespread campaign in the food industry of promoting the use of locally-grown and organic ingredients in restaurants.

Just like Farm-to-Table, the Farm-to-Closet movement is bringing to light the materials of the products we buy and the farm that grew them. Traceability and transparency fuel this shift to maintain a more rounded perspective of the social, economic, and environmental elements that play vital roles in businesses so that their products carry with them a deeper purpose in the community and the world at large.

The movement promotes not only a far-reaching awareness of the behind-the-scenes aspect of production in the textile industry but also efficiently further the cause for biodiversity and an extensive form of regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture also strikes out human connection in the list of its accomplished goals as textile market does not and cannot thrive without the link between consumers and manufacturers. The movement is gradually catching up to speed with the damaging dent on the environment the industry has left. With the right tools and the right mindset, we can contribute to the success of nursing our Mother Nature back to her prime state.

This movement is fostered by our desire to know the story behind the products and tie in with the people who make them, just like how we want to know the cast and crew that make up a successful play after the curtains are drawn.

Do you share this desire towards awareness and traceability of the clothes you wear? Then hop in the Farm-to-Closet movement with us and ask not only "who made my clothes," but also "who grew my clothes?"

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