We put our values front and center in every step of the production process. Starting with our raw materials, we source natural tropical fibers from local farmers and producers in Western Visayas, Philippines.


Did you know that the production of synthetic fibers accounts for 1.35% of global oil consumption? Panublix exists to help in the transition from fossil fuel-dependent materials, like polyester, to natural fiber yarns and weaves.

Recognizing the value of innovation, we believe in supporting research and development of regenerative agriculture and materials science for a more sustainable future.


With respect to market standards, the raw materials are bought at full price from local farmers to help them sustain their livelihood.

The natural fibers are processed at the Philippines’ first micro-scale yarn spinning facility - the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) in Iloilo.

Through RYPIC, natural fiber yarns are made accessible to weavers, designers, and textile makers in the region.

In this way, we are happy to support the Philippine Tropical Fabrics Law promoting the use of tropical textiles for government uniforms.