Celebrating Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Celebrating Fashion Revolution Week 2023

Do we know the real cost of our fashion choices?

Fashion Revolution Week 2023 calls for #RememberingRanaPlaza 10 years after the factory collapse claimed the lives of more than a thousand garment workers. This preventable tragedy sparked a worldwide fashion activism movement pushing for transparency, accountability and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry. 

This year's theme is Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution, and out of the 10-point manifesto we want to highlight the following:

4 - Fashion respects culture and heritage.

6 - Fashion conserves and restores the environment.

7 - Fashion never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way.

These are most relevant to the mission of Panublix and we keep these values in mind as we work together with weavers, designers, and brands to shift production away from synthetic to natural materials.

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