Panublix Joins Fashion Revolution Week 2022

Panublix Joins Fashion Revolution Week 2022

On April 19, Panublix joined Fashion Revolution Week to discuss Green Washing Vs. Supply Chain Transparency. As a tech platform that connects designers with sustainable, tropical textiles, Panublix was invited to shed light on supply chain transparency - making it Panublix’s third year to participate in the movement.

Created in the wake of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster, Fashion Revolution Week is the world’s largest fashion activism movement. Supported by Fashion Revolution Singapore and Raffles College of Higher Education, Fashion Revolution Week 2022 featured numerous talks that celebrated innovators who have contributed to fashion activism all over the world.

Green Washing Vs. Supply Chain Transparency, in particular, focused on how fashion can create transparent supply chains, as well as how people can differentiate between true sustainability and greenwashing.

Joining Panublix CEO and co-founder Noreen Maria Bautista were three other panelists:
  • Dragos Necula, co-founder of Etrican, Singapore’s pioneer eco fashion brand
  • Emi Weir, founder of Ma Te Sai, a Laos-based fair trade store
  • Joanne Flinn, sustainability consultant and coach, as well as a TEDx speaker

Moderated by Dr. Karin Oen of the NTU School of Art, Design, and Media, the talk raised several key points on fashion and sustainability.

First, the panelists were asked to define and visualize supply chain transparency. Speaking from Panublix’s experience, Noreen Bautista defined it as traceability. The ability to trace a product - not just back to the individuals who made it, but also the farmers who grew the raw materials - can help consumers see just how sustainable it truly is. For this very reason, Panublix is currently striving to map weavers across the Philippines.

When discussing the challenges for the fashion industry, Noreen Bautista and Emi Weir agreed on the importance of developing the village economy and empowering local artisans. Bautista added that climate action needs to be pushed harder in the fashion industry, especially when countries like the Philippines live with the reality of its consequences every day.

By the end of the talk, the panelists had unpacked some of the most pressing questions related to transparency and greenwashing. Through their insights, participants were able to learn more about the current challenges in sustainable fashion, as well as the possible solutions going forward.


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