Panublix participates in "The Future of the Handmade in a Digital World" conference

Panublix participates in "The Future of the Handmade in a Digital World" conference

Panublix, represented by CEO and Co-Founder Noreen Bautista, was one of the panelists in the conference titled "The Future of the Handmade in a Digital World" organized by Women's Business Council Philippines, Inc (WomenBizPH) held on September 1, 2023 in Pasig City. The event tackled the evolving landscape of traditional craftsmanship in light of advancing digital technologies.

The conference featured three panels, each addressing critical questions about the intersection of heritage and modernity. Panel 1 explored the adaptability of traditional arts in the face of digital progress, Panel 2 discussed collaborations and the artisan ecosystem, and Panel 3 spotlighted grassroots initiatives by makers and communities. 

Panel 2 at The Future of the Handmade in the Digital World

Noreen Bautista participated in Panel 2 alongside Joseph Lee Alviar - Creative Director of Team Manila Graphic Design Studio, Celia Elumba - former Director of Philippine Textile Research Institute, and Evelynda Otong - Weaver and Artisanal Entrepreneur from the Yakan cultural community. The discussion centered on "Crafting Collaborations Across Practices", analyzing the components of a productive ecosystem and strategies to overcome potential challenges.

In addition to the panel discussions, an exhibition at the venue titled "Sinulid at Sining: Fabric Exhibit" showcased works from artisans across the Philippines, including Indigenous Enabel Craft, a valued partner of Panublix. The Gala Dinner during the same evening paid homage to Filipino Artisanal Weaves and Wear with guests donning their Filipiniana attire.

Handwoven textiles by Indigenous Enabel Craft
Handwoven baskets

"The Future of the Handmade in a Digital World" provided a valuable platform to discuss the evolving dynamics of traditional arts and cultural heritage in this digital era. We are honored to share our insights about the Philippine textile ecosystem and learn from industry experts through this event.

As we navigate a digitally-driven future, Panublix remains steadfast in honoring both natural and cultural heritage while embracing progress.

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