Panublix Organizes First Future-Weaving Event: Fashion and Biotechnology

Panublix Organizes First Future-Weaving Event: Fashion and Biotechnology

Panublix held an online event on August 29, 2022, titled Fashion and Biotechnology, which focused on fashion biomaterials. As a tech platform that connects designers with tropical textiles, Panublix organized this event as part of the Panublix Future-Weaving Series, which gathers creatives, scientists, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of tropical textiles and artisan craft. 

Hosted by Noreen Bautista of Panublix, the event welcomed guest speaker Luis Quijano, a Fulbright Future scholar and PhD candidate in Fashion and Biotechnology at Queensland University of Technology. The event also welcomed guest reactor Rosalie Zerrudo, an artist-curator who specializes in cultural work, environmental projects, and restorative social enterprise. Meanwhile, participants came from all over the Philippines, including scientists, textile artists, and fashion enthusiasts. 

Luis Quijano on Why Fashion Needs to Collaborate with Science

The event began with Mr. Quijano describing the fashion industry, its effect on the environment, and the importance of science in sustainable fashion. Biotextiles are an emerging technology that have high potential due to how they are biodegradable and widely applicable – while maintaining the quality of natural textiles. However, biotextiles are currently expensive to produce, and therefore more limited in terms of scalability. 

Mr. Quijano also noted that most innovations are made in the Global North, while the Global South is merely used for raw materials due to its lack of biotechnological infrastructure. Ms. Zerrudo added on to this, discussing how collaboration in research and science was needed to produce multi-stakeholder solutions for the Philippines. The interdisciplinary nature of sustainability was repeatedly acknowledged throughout the event, with both Mr. Quijano and Ms. Zerrudo agreeing a holistic approach was necessary for true sustainability.

Rosalie Zerrudo talks about Building a Culture of Transdisciplinary Collaborations 

The event then ended with a Q&A, hosted by Victor Ruto of Panublix. During the Q&A, the topic of how to be sustainable in a world of fast-fashion was brought up. Mr. Quijano reminded consumers to verify the sustainability of the materials used in their clothing, then shared his experience with visiting artisan communities and learning what materials they use in their work. Ms. Zerrudo noted that it is also important for consumers to actively choose Filipino businesses, to encourage the development of the local sustainable fashion industry. 

We at Panublix are thrilled to see individuals from various sectors come together for this event!

We are open to collaborations with student researchers and research advisors especially those who are based in Western Visayas. Should you be interested in conducting related research or have similar projects in mind, kindly get in touch with our team at hello[at]

If you would like to learn more about the future of sustainable fashion, stay tuned for the next part of the Panublix Future-Weaving Series!

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Learn more about Ms. Rosa Zerrudo’s initiative, “Inday Dolls”

Learn more about Ms. Rosa Zerrudo’s initiative, “Inday Dolls”

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