Panublix highlighted by DOST as Textile Industry Innovator

Panublix highlighted by DOST as Textile Industry Innovator

Did you know that the Philippines is one of the biggest producers of abaca fiber? We supply about 87% of global requirements for the production of various textile products. Perhaps, if we produce our natural fibers and use them as raw materials for our own, this would revitalize our local textile industry. 

In Panublix, we believe that we can be sustainable and innovative while respecting our culture and providing value to the community. Named after the Hiligaynon word for heritage, which is “Panubli-on”, Panublix is a tech-style sourcing platform that aims to build the gap between the weavers and textile producers to fashion and design markets, especially the Hablon collections.

This complements the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) Project in partnership with Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) and DOST PTRI. According to Dr. Raul Muyong - President of ISAT-U, the project’s main objective is to provide technical support to MSMEs involved in the manufacture of garments, textile, and allied products through the development and production of natural textile fiber-based yarn. The facility produces natural yarns made of cotton with a blend of abaca and pineapple fibers. Miag-ao, where ISAT-U is located, is noted for its communities that are experts in the handloom weaving industry.  

Aside from the fact that it is part of their town’s cultural heritage since the 18th century, he also emphasized how handloom weaving has helped open livelihood opportunities in the weaving communities in Iloilo and provided impact on the research development industry, especially on exploring other raw materials to create yarn. 

To build a more sustainable supply chain of raw materials and yarns, Panublix is hoping this would provide peace of mind among fashion designers that they are sourcing quality weaves and will have the chance to collaborate with the weavers as they may use the Panublix platform to converse directly with the weavers. Panublix aims to revive Iloilo’s 19th-century title as the textile capital of the Philippines. For more details on how to source these Philippine fibers and order customized corporate gifts, please feel free to email

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