Panublix joins Sustainability Solutions Exchange (SSX) Digital Exhibition and Conference

Panublix joins Sustainability Solutions Exchange (SSX) Digital Exhibition and Conference


Sustainability Solutions Exchange (SSX) Digital Exhibition and Conference is a Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) program advocating the latest sustainable practices and solutions. SSX: Food and Lifestyle was held from March 23-25, 2022 via the Hopin online platform and hosted various activities for participants including conferences, exhibitions, and business matching. 

One of the main goals of SSX is to help Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) tread the path towards circular economy to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), providing them with tools such as learning resources and data to support their journey. 

This international event called for businesses to move towards an economic growth that is environmentally sustainable, championing local producers which Panublix is proud to be a part of. As one of the exhibitors, we are so thrilled to have been an active participant to a program that highlighted up-to-the-minute solutions and tech. 

The esteemed panel of speakers, including Deputy Speaker Hon. Loren Legarda and DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez, provided great insights on many topics such as the current state of sustainability in the country, innovations in circular design, and sustainability practices for local enterprises. 

Yet, one of our most valuable learnings was shared by Bella Tanjutco, a young sustainability advocate and Day 3 Conference speaker, who encouraged local businesses to go back to our roots and reapply the regenerative practices our Filipino ancestors employed to care for their surroundings.

With that, we emphasize our mission of connecting creatives with sustainable tropical textiles & artisan craft so they can design a future that respects culture, humanity & biodiversity (Kultura’t Kapwa’t Kalikasan). And we encourage you to join us!

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