Panublix: Ready to Take Off

Panublix: Ready to Take Off

Running a startup is like running a show. No matter how beautiful it looks in the limelight, a curtain call will not be achieved without a great crew behind it. From the creative team to the audience, no theater will be possible without everybody working together. A show's crew is an excellent example of teamwork because it requires a large number of individuals to accomplish a shared goal. 

We like to think of ourselves similarly. As a collaborative sourcing and design platform, Panublix’s aim is to provide a sourcing experience that is transparent, delightful, and meaningful. For which, our main goal is to improve the lives of the weaving communities, invest in their families, and give work and training to other communities. 

We hope to emulate our work dynamics to that of a theater crew that works their magic behind the scenes. As a team of impact-driven people, we fully embrace our multi-disciplinary talents to solve problems through entrepreneurship & innovation. 

We came from a diverse set of backgrounds that have a strong passion for learning, lean style towards new perspectives and have a get-things-done mindset. 

We also believe in a data-driven and research-based approach, we know that things don't always go as planned. Experimenting to validate or invalidate assumptions is how we learn. 

Success teaches us, but failure teaches us even more. And, because innovation is unpredictable and difficult to deal with risk, there is always a chance of failure. Our primary response to failure, on the other hand, is to get back up, pivot if necessary, and keep going. 

As we go and continue in our commitment to providing access to sustainable textile and fabrics, we are very honored to have been chosen by one of the country’s top incubators and startup space, QBO Innovations Hub. They gave us the opportunity to be a part of the QBO ecosystem while providing us with more knowledge to help us advance our technological and creative abilities. This also means a chance to be mentored by experienced innovation coaches to guide us in using appropriate tools, assisting us in making difficult decisions, and ensuring we meet our deadlines.  

Through teamwork, innovation and our passion to help the local weaving communities, judges from the QBO Challenge 3 have chosen Panublix to be one of the winners of the QBO Challenge 3. “Winning challenge 3 was very unexpected. Being part of demo day and completing the INQBATION was a great win in itself. We are so amazed and inspired by our fellow startups and their traction. But this is definitely a great motivation and validation for a startup that was just an idea a year ago, and having built it with a base outside Manila and a fully remote team.” - statement from the CEO & Co-Founder of Panublix, Noreen Bautista.

We hope to use what we have learned from the QBO INQBATION program to further help improve the lives of the people across the whole supply chain. Like QBO Innovation Hub, we also believe that an innovation-driven economy will produce long-term sustainability, bigger impact, and inclusive growth to the weaving communities. 

Madamo gid nga salamat, QBO, Ideaspace and US Embassy for providing this opportunity for helping accelerate us in our journey! 


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