Panublix Selected for ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator

Panublix Selected for ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator

Panublix selected for Arise Plus Ye Boost Accelerator


Panublix, a Filipino startup that connects tropical textile producers with designers, was recently selected for the ARISE Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator.

Launched in March 2021, ARISE Plus Philippines aims to boost economic growth in the Philippines. It focuses on empowering Filipino enterprises to leverage access to trade privileges and the European Union market, as well as strengthening the trade relationship between the EU and the Philippines.

The 2022 Ye! Boost Accelerator will train 12 startups that fall under 5 clusters:


  • Kippap
  • Cerebro
  • Metamorphosis


  • Panublix
  • Anthologie

Financial Technology

  • Payhiram
  • IOL

E-commerce and Logistics

  • Petkluv
  • Ride Radar
  • Diverzion


  • Empath
  • Alaga Health

With funding from the European Union worth £5.8 million, ARISE Plus Philippines helps enterprises strengthen four key areas: internal capacity, intellectual property protection, investment preparation, and international expansion. 

Over 14 weeks, Panublix will undergo virtual learning sessions and mentoring to strengthen these key areas. Panublix will also be able to take advantage of the Ye! Global Community and grow its international presence as a sourcing platform for high-quality, sustainable tropical yarns and textiles.

For more details about Panublix visit or email

For more details about ARISE Plus Philippines, visit

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