Panublix Speaks at Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom Session

Panublix Speaks at Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom Session

On August 25, 2022, Panublix was invited as a speaker for the
Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom series. This series of talks aimed to engage small business owners and help them level up through advice from experienced mentors in various industries. As a tech platform that connects designers with tropical textiles and yarns, Panublix provided advice on how to use partnerships to grow a digital business.

The Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom Sessions were organized by the Shell LiveWIRE Acceleration Program. This enterprise development program aims to guide startups and entrepreneurs as they elevate local economies through innovation. 

As one of the three tech startups that benefited from the program in 2021, Panublix gained access to mentorship, training, and product development financing. Since then, Panublix has grown and strived towards uplifting other small businesses through events such as the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom Sessions.

Noreen Marian Bautista of Panublix and Dennis Velasco of Prosperna headed Session 2 of the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom series, titled Partnerships and How They Grow Your Digital Business

Moderated by RJ Ledesma of Shell, the session covered the histories of both Panublix and Prosperna, including how both businesses were founded to address specific problems rather than the mere sake of starting a business.

Ms. Bautista discussed how identity plays a large part in Panublix’s mission, as Panublix tries to elevate local culture and showcase the natural beauty of artisanal work.

Ms. Bautista also noted that having a North star for your business helps you determine everything else. She then added that Panublix’s goal of connecting designers with artisans led to fruitful partnerships that benefited everyone involved.

Mr. Velasco pointed out that establishing solid partnerships is a way to invest in your company. By solidifying your brand, you can connect with your consumers and grow a community for your business.

The session ended with a walkthrough on the benefits you can get from a partnership, with Mr. Velasco emphasizing the hard but rewarding work necessary when establishing one.


We at Panublix are thrilled to have seen such curious participants join us for the Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom Session, and we can’t wait to participate in more events like this in the future.

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