Weaving Tropical Yarns for Sustainability

Weaving Tropical Yarns for Sustainability

Did you know our Filipino ancestors' use of #tropicalfibers is what attracted the world to source #Philippinetextiles?

With fine #cotton#abaca and #pineapple fibers, our Philippine textiles were considered of high quality!

Unfortunately, with the entrants of cheaper synthetic yarns like polyester, this practice has declined.

But given our #climatecrisis, it's now more urgent than ever to shift away from fossil fuel-produced fibers and go back to our natural heritage or #panublion.

That is why, we in Panublix are championing the use of Philippine #tropicalyarns for #handloomweaving!

The use of tropical fibers like cotton, abaca, and piña (pineapple) is not only sustainable, but also true to our Philippine culture!

Through our partnership with the DOST - PTRI, we want to transition our weavers back to weaving tropical yarns, sustainably harvested by Filipino farmers and spun in the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) in #Iloilo (historicaly known as the #TextileCapitalofthePhilippines).

Each textile is also designed to contribute to Philippine #biodiversity. As we are based in #PanayIsland, which is home to diverse flora & fauna, we are intentional about making sure our production does not compromise our natural environment.

In this way, we can all weave & design a future that respects culture, humanity, and biodiversity (Kultura’t, Kapwa’t, Kalikasan).

Learn more at www.panublix.com!

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