Collection: Panublix Tropical Fabric Swatchbook

Are you looking for a specific material or a certain pattern?

The Panublix fabric swatch book is every conscious creative’s vital companion. With a wide range of locally-sourced and high-quality fabric, designers can see and feel the woven magic of the Philippines's very own textiles. All aspects of the swatch book have been thoughtfully made to ensure that designers of any skill level can find the right fit.

Find them easily as all pages are lined with necessary info such as fabric name, material composition, partner weaving community, production capacity, and many more. We guarantee accurate descriptions — no guesswork and wasted fabric involved — for a pleasant browsing experience.


Bringing a conscious creative's dream

Through the collaboration of like-minded designers and Panublix' supply of tropical textiles and artisan craft, the platform offers artists the opportunity to create the sustainably-made product of their dreams.

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