Collection: Iloilo Cotton Hablon Series

Discover Panublix’s Iloilo Cotton Hablon, a series of artisanal products carefully handwoven by Cabayogan Loomweavers Association, Salngan Multi-Purpose Cooperative and Indag-an Primary Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Iloilo, Philippines.

All made out of 100% combed cotton, in 20Ne yarn count, 2-ply yarn in natural color, 30 inches in width. Made in plain, pixel leaf weave and polo barong cut.

"Hablon," a Hiligaynon term meaning “weave” or “to weave”, embodies the art of weaving, both the fabric itself and the intricate process of weaving. Our new textile patterns have been thoughtfully designed and woven to depict a future that respects culture, humanity, and biodiversity.

Crafted from 100% cotton, makes this the ideal choice for a wide array of accessories, bags, and home textile products.

Currently available in three distinct natural color designs:

1. Iloilo Cotton Hablon Plain 
2. Iloilo Pixel Leaf Weave Cotton Hablon
3. Iloilo Pre-Cut Polo Barong Cotton Hablon with Pattern

    Minimum 1 meter per order for Iloilo Cotton Hablon Plain and Iloilo Pixel Leaf Weave Cotton Hablon. Special discounts offered for bundles of 5 & 10.

    Minimum 1 Polo Barong Cut per order for Iloilo Pre-Cut Polo Barong Cotton Hablon with Pattern.


    Special thanks to InLife Foundation through the InLife Negosyo Challenge for making this collection happen